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Jan 2, 2017

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God. - Kurt Vonnegut

I'm not sure if our travel plans would qualify as bizarre, but anytime you venture onto one of the world's most dangerous highways it is bound to be interesting. And so it was. This was the first mishap we met up with on the 108 mile /174km East-West Prithvi Highway connecting Pokhara with Kathmandu. Landslides are a common occurrence year round on this major thoroughfare. There were no signs nor detours around this landslide that entirely blocked one lane of the highway for about a quarter mile.

Wintertime in Nepal means the Monsoon mud in the tiny subtropical valleys is replaced by fine, silty, lancrustine, fluvioglacial, and all consuming dust. Even the smoggy fog that hangs over the Kathmandu valley is tinged the khaki color of the ubiquitous dust. Note the largely "DIY" power lines strung randomly and effusively on concrete and makeshift poles along and over the roadside. This is a common sight throughout the third world.

And dance we did! At this particular wedding the dancing started out in the parking lot! As you can see both traditional attire as well as American jeans were worn. 

If Bibi really knew her stuff she could tell you which of the vast array of ethnic groups of Nepal this gorgeously attired lady belonged to. All the different ethnic groups of Nepal have unique styles of jewelry and types of clothing. The weave of this lovely lady's shawl and sari are also significant and denote her affiliations.

I love these floral fantasy themes that are so fashionable now at posh Desi weddings. This was a huge papier-mâché  peacock at the entrance to the wedding with a beautiful tail made of gladiolus and mums. Those coiled leis of yellow and orange marigolds on the ground are pouring out of a brightly painted traditional clay water jug. (At first I thought the marigolds were supposed to be the peacock's feet.) As it grew dark the peacock was lit up by iridescent purple blacklights giving it an almost psychedelic look. The peacock and water jug theme was continued inside the hall too.

Here's the lavishly embellished and monogrammed doorway to the event. The ceremony took place earlier so this was sort of an evening reception where you hand the newly wedded couple a gift and shuffle respectfully past a line of seated elders. After that two live bands, two dance floors, an open bar, and a buffet continued on til midnight. Unfortunately it was so dark in the hotel I couldn't get any good photos but a good time was had by all!

The garden at the hotel was filled with an odd assortment of Spring and Fall blooms. This lovely flower caught my eye with it's lovely ombre pink coloring. This is a fairly new variety of fully double snapdragons called Twinny Peach. It almost looks like a type of stock with it's flat faced blooms and delicate pastel coloring. I've seen these in catalogs and wondered how they performed. They looked beautiful even against the background of half dead mums you see in the photo. I tried to convince the gardener that he'd get a second bloom out of those mums with some rigorous deadheading to no avail. I'm going to have to get some of those snapdragon seeds though.

After that four day wedding extravaganza we were on our way back home through the dust again. Usually we go shopping in Delhi this time of year but we decided not to because of the ongoing demonetisation hassles and we really didn't need anything.

Our fur babies eventually forgave us for deserting them for an entire week. This is how our kitties spend their wintry evenings, curled up cozy in front of the electric heater in the living room. We're going to be remodeling our kitchen as well as repainting the inside and outside of our house. (And hopefully getting rid of that gawd-awful red carpet with daisies you see beneath the kitties!) All that doesn't seem very conducive to blogging but I'll try!

Wishing all of you and yours a Happy 2017!

Cheers, Bibi
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