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Feb 9, 2016

Pigeon Peas If You Please...

All the hip Nepalese eat a lot of pigeon peas!

Yes, Bibi makes up silly songs to embarrass her family and anyone within earshot.
Why ever do you ask?

One of our cheerful neighbors picking pigeon peas.
Pigeon peas (Cajanus calan) are called "rahar" in Nepali.

Here she is demonstrating how to open up the rather tough pods.
And there's a pea!
See how well camouflaged these sneaky pigeon peas are?

The inconspicuous pale yellow blossom of the pigeon pea.
Pigeon peas, rahar ko dal, toovar dal, toor dal, or whatever you wish to call them are a major source of protein on the Indian Subcontinent. They are a perennial legume and can grow up to six or seven feet tall with a rangy habit. Like all legumes they fix nitrogen and can be used as green manure. The woody stalks are often used as kindling or as thatch for shelters. (Sometimes both, as I've seen huts thatched with this stuff go up in flames!) Although pigeon peas are widely cultivated you'll often see them volunteering in thickets along roadsides or in arid loamy fields.

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