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Apr 6, 2016



No, this somber looking gentleman is not proclaiming his masculinity, he is selling fresh fish. "Maacha" means fish in Nepali. He usually starts his rounds in my neighborhood every morning at 6 AM loudly declaring his wares. "I MACHO!!! I MAACHAA!!!" is his cry.

That headgear he is wearing is for balancing the pan of fresh fish from the local lake on his head as he strolls about selling his wares. It's a bit chilly in the morning so he's paired a jacket with his dhoti and wrapped that orange scarf rather jauntily about his neck.

See there, he's ready to weigh your purchase. Some maachawallas (fish sellers) will also clean your fish on site for a small fee.

This is the "catch of the day," they appear to be net caught carp. These aren't very good quality fish as they are rather bony. Eating them is rather like chewing on a mouthful of fish flavored toothpicks.
I asked him how much for a half kilo of fish and he named some exorbitant price.
Me: I will not pay "tourist price."
Him: Madame, 400NPR/$4USD.
Me: What for?
Him: For photo.
(I hand him 100NPR /$1USD).)
Him: No madame, 400NPR.
Me: 400NPR for 1 kilo fish?
Him: No madame, 400NPR for photo.
(He hands the 100NPR note back to me.)
Me: Ok, goodbye.
Him: No madame, 400NPR.
Me: Thief.
Him: Ok, madame 100NPR no fish. (He takes the 100NPR note from me as I shut the gate.)
He then returns throughout the day hourly knocking at the front gate but I don't answer.
No wonder no one buys his fish.
Anyway, that's my $1 portrait of our local fishmonger.

Our Ms. Dawg was thoroughly nonplussed & is miserably shedding in the Spring heat.

Calmly currying on,

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