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Sep 5, 2016

Cheap Thrills Perfume Review: Boum Green Tea Cherry Blossom

While perusing the meager selection of fragrances at a department store in Kathmandu about a month ago I came across this gem. Those of you who love fragrances may recognize Jeanne Arthes as one of the less expensive brands on offer seemingly worldwide. This bargain brand puts a lot of effort into kitschy packaging and it's fragrances are usually reminiscent of popular mainstream scents. Such is the case with Boum Green Tea Cherry Blossom. This is a great dupe of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Summer for less than half the price! Citrus and green tea scents are my personal favorites for the hot and humid Monsoon months here in Nepal. I like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea series* and prefer it to the other well known green tea fragrances like Tommy Girl. Unfortunately most green tea and citrus scents are rather short lived. Even when generously applied rarely do they last more that two hours. Boum Green Tea Cherry Blossom lasts a good four to six hours in the heat and I actually like it better than Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Summer.

Here are the notes of Boum Green Tea Cherry Blossom according to Fragrantica:

Top notes
Green Tea, Pear, Lemon

Middle notes
Rose, Cherry Blossom, Black Currant

Base notes
Musk, Peach

Camellia sinensis (TEA!)
It opens with an initial blast of floral green tea and brisk lemon. Very clean and citrusy but not not to the point of being antiseptic or smelling like a household cleaning product. 

In a few minutes the fruits become apparent. I get a bold, realistic peach with a bit of black currant and a hint of ripe pear. The fruit is not at all candied, artificial, nor overly sweet. I can detect no rose nor cherry blossom at all. The only floral notes in this fragrance are in the green tea.

All this sits atop a base of clean musk making for a very refreshing fragrance. Surprisingly, the lemony notes stick around for a few hours on my skin unlike most citrus notes which usually disappear in a few minutes. The fragrance never grows cloying nor synthetic but gently fades to the peach and light musk base. You can spritz oneself with absolute reckless bravado and never offend anyone with this scent.

So, if you're a fan of green tea scents or just looking for a simple, fresh, citrusy, and fruity floral fragrance to get you through the Summer try Boum Green Tea Cherry Blossom. We kept a bottle in the fridge as a little  sentir bon dans sa peau to refresh ourselves this Monsoon and quite enjoyed it. For a bargain perfume it definitely performs well and has excellent manners. (Unlike some inexpensive brands, I'm talking to YOU Bath & Body Works!) I am told in the US Walgreens and Walmart carry the Jeanne Arthes line.

*Except for Green Tea Yuzu by Elizabeth Arden. For some reason that fragrance turns to a smoked salmon sort of smell on me. Now from a culinary standpoint green tea and gravalax sounds quite interesting, as a perfume just NO.
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