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Mar 27, 2016

Easter Babies!!!

Peter Cottontail won't be hopping down the bunny trail here in Nepal but here's our old friend Blackie! It looks like Blackie brought some Spring babies along with him this fine Easter morning.

Everybody's enjoying their banquet of table scraps and garden trimmings. I've never seen these youngsters before, Blackie just showed up with them Easter morn. If you look in the upper left hand corner you can see a brand new mom!

Here's mom with her new baby. Awwww so sweet. Mom is giving me the stinkeye saying "That's close enough lady!!!"

As you can see by the blurred hoof and flared nostrils in the upper right corner mom's really had enough of Bibi's nosiness. That's what zoom lenses are for!

Look at that sweet face, so precious. Spring babies on an Easter morning, that's better than chocolates and Easter eggs! Thank you, Blackie! (Mr. MacGregor ought to be glad this lot doesn't trespass in his garden.)

Hippity Hoppity Hippity Happy Easter Day!!!
(To all my readers who celebrate Easter.)

Calmly currying on, 
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