Apr 3, 2017

Well, it just goes to show you, it's always something - if it ain't one thing, it's another.

 "I know what you're talkin' about, because, I, Roseanne Roseannadanna, once had the same thing happen to me."
You said it Roseanne Roseannadanna!  Whether there's a toenail in your hamburger, toilet paper clinging to your shoe, a little sweat ball hanging on the end of your nose, no electricity, no internet service, or your computer is displaying the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. It's always something. (For those of you unfamiliar with Ms Roseannadanna, she was a rather tactless character played by comedienne Gilda Radner from 1977 to 1980 on an American television show called Saturday Night Live.)

We've been having a lot of weather like this for the past week and a half. It was actually this dark at 3 in the afternoon! It started out a steamy 30C/87F but now we're down to 16C/61F. These pre-monsoon squalls are called Kalbalshakhi or mango showers. Sometimes they are derechos or straight-line wind storms associated with a land-based, fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms. This was definitely a derecho with a fast succession of severe thunderstorms, capricious gale force winds, torrential rains, and walnut-sized hail. This weather pattern is caused when the broiling heat of the Indian plains rises to meet the cold air of the Himalayas. That's a lot of wild weather for this California girl. Anywho, usually during thunderstorms I unplug the computer. The storms were nonstop this week so I went ahead and left the computer on. BOOM! Lightning struck. Everything went dark for 30 minutes. Even the invertor that supplies us with backup electricity was out. When I started the computer up again I got this:

Yup, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. Now the pic above is the PC BSOD, I have an iMac so all I got was a blue screen and an unresponsive cursor. It wasn't even restartable either Drat. The iMac had to be hauled away to the Apple hospital in Kathmandu. This was not the first time something like this had happened. About 2 years ago the same thing happened and my hard drive was destroyed. It took a month to get that hard drive replaced.

So, off went the iMac via courier to Kathmandu. Hopefully. These Himalayan storms can quickly turn to flash floods as you see in the above photo. What was a tiny trickle of a creek a few hours ago might become a raging river in minutes out here. I actually called the Apple repair shop to make sure my iMac got there safe and dry.

I tried blogging on my smartphone. Forget it. Too hard. I played with the photo apps instead. "Bibi Goes Warhol" is what I've titled the above masterpiece.

We went shopping downtown and saw a $100USD frozen turkey from Utah. That's a 12lb/5.4kg bird which works out to a little over $8 a pound. How it got from Utah to Nepal just boggles my mind.

Here's a photo of the snapdragons along the driveway BEFORE the storms blew them to bits. They were absolutely stunning at almost a meter tall. That was actually the second set of blooms after I rigorously deadheaded their initial spires. Now they are in shreds from the high winds and hail. Those magenta petunias are goners too, all the petunias are khattam as they say here in Nepal. Wah.

As I sit here on Sunday evening typing this post the next storm in the derecho is beginning to hit with walnut-sized hail again. Above is a weather map of the heatwave in India that has been fueling this storm system since early March. For Americans 40C is 104F and 44C is 111F, it is HOT. if the Accuweather extended forecast for our area is to be believed we are going to be hit with temps in the 90F's/32C's by next Sunday. Mercy.

Yesterday morning my iMac came home from the hospital all fine and dandy. Apparently it suffered a trivial bit of amnesia from the ECT induced by the lightning. A rep from the internet service came by and rebooted my WiFi 'device.' We've had electricity for 8 hours straight. YIPPEE! I'm ready to start blogging again. Sheesh, it's been like 2 weeks since I've put up a recipe. Come hell or high water I'm getting a recipe up this week! Oh wait, we've already had high water and a hellish heatwave is on it's way. Anywho, whether it's banning muslin, endangered feces, presidential erections, conserving natural racehorses, or making Puerto Rico a steak, as Ms Emily Litella would say, "Never mind."
I miss Gilda Radner. 
Which of her characters was your favorite?
Any wacky weather out your way?


  1. We should totally ban Percale instead;)

    Man, that's some wicked weather (and that's from a Midwesterner that thinks she's seen it all). But hey, the timing was good because it was "Severe weather awareness week" so now you're er...aware.

    A hundred bucks for a turkey, huh? It is amazing how food travels around the world now. We get apples from China-god only knows why.

    I like the Pop Art! I only have a "Stupid (Stoooopid) phone" so I can't play with fun apps. probably for the best.

    "Why are they busting all these little kids?!" I miss Gilda too. God, she was funny. Alright, I gotta go flick a sweatball off my nose. Glad to see you back.

    1. Hi Goody,
      Indeed! Ban percale and that bamboo nonsense that's really overpriced rayon!

      Sigh. The wicked weather has returned this afternoon. This morning was brilliant clear blues skies and sunshine. By 1pm the sky was black and we were being pelted with ping pong ball sized hail for 30 minutes. Now it's pouring & thunderbooming.

      Speaking of apples from China- our neighborhood fruit & veg tarkariwala had Red Delicious apples on offer from Washington state! Why?

      I usually don't go online with my smartphone, I find it annoying and expensive. I do use the camera quite a bit though!

      A sweatball on your nose! "What are ya tryin' to do, make me sick?!"

  2. Look at that sky! If that weather happened here in the UK the whole country would go to the dogs, bloody lightweights we are.
    The pop Art looks fab, I'm like Goody in that my phone is of the stupid variety. It does texts and phone calls only (well, I am vintage!) xxx

    1. Hi Vix,
      That photo is what the sky looks like today AGAIN! I'm a Californicator! I can barely handle a drizzle much less a derecho!!

      I only use my smartphone for texting, photos, and occasionally playing Candy Crush while enduring some miserable wait or social obligation. Trying to blog from the thing was redonkulous! xox

  3. It has been the hottest March ever since I remember. It does not feel like March more like May or June. It was about 40 degrees in March and we are forced to use AC. Summers have come very early this year.

    These storms take their name from the month of Boishakh. Thus, they are called Kalboiskhaki. Bangla literature frequently mentions the magnificently destructive force of these storms. The month of April is also known as Boishakh, the official start of the summers. The 14th of April is celebrated as the Bengali New year.




    1. Hi Apple,
      It hasn't gotten as hot as May 2015 in India when the roads began to melt! But it might yet!
      It has been absolutely pouring here all afternoon. I guess I'm going to have to get used to Spring starting in January?

  4. That's a seriously impressive storm. I can't imagine having a weather patterns set in for weeks on end - at least on a smallish island we get variety. You must get so fed up of the rain and hail.

    1. Hi Mim,
      It is now Tuesday night. After a brilliant sunshiny morning from 3 pm on we've had torrential rain, hail, and lightning. Bleh. I think I am going to grow webs between my toes.

  5. Can't decide which image is more disturbing -- the $100 Norbest bird or the storms. The most disturbing image of all is, of course, the Blue Screen of Death. Poor you, Bibi, and I mean it. (The Warhol knock-off is a keeper.)

    1. Hi Beth,
      Another day, another storm!
      At least my hard drive didn't crash, the last time that happened it took 3 months to fix. Argh!

  6. As I was reading your post about your weather I decided that the rain we have been having is nothing compared to what you have been getting. Dark at 3 would be depressing but your Snapdragons, WOW!!! Monsoon season is wet and warm isn't it? We don't get that sort of weather here, to far south I suppose, just the four seasons for us. Mind you sometimes you get all four seasons in one day!! Love your Warhol pictures.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Oh I have heard how beautiful New Zealand is. I really want to go there!
      Late Fall and Winter are the only seasons to grow flowers here. Spring is usually dotted with these capricious and violent storms that rip flowers to shreds. The Monsoon in July and August is so hot and humid that most flowers just rot. (Except for hibiscus, cleome, bougainvillea, and morning glories.)

  7. My mom has been telling me it is so steaming hot down south that she fears they may run out of water before the summers finally bid goodbye... We have had some pleasant climate out here but now it's getting warmer, and summers are surely coming... hope you come back soon with an interesting recipe... love your American sense of humour... you haven't lost it in Nepal for sure.. :)

    1. Hi Rafeeda,
      At least it isn't hot yet here, that's the only thing that makes it bearable. As I speak it is pouring rain and hail with gale force winds again. Tell your mom we'll send her some of this water her way!
      I finally got a new recipe up, hope it is interesting!

  8. The weather seem really harsh. The strom has lead to flood? You are right its difficult to do work on your smart phone as you are bound to get distracted by other things.


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